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1. What are the specifications of the NuWave Elite?
• Product Weight: 10 pounds
• Package Weight: 12 pounds
• Exterior Dimensions: 15.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall
• Interior Dimensions: 6.5 inches deep and 12 inches wide
• Wattage: 1500 watts
• Voltage: 120 volts
• Amps: 12.5 amps
2. What is the NuWave Elite’s temperature range?
The NuWave Elite lets you program cook between 100 and 420°F, adjustable in 1° increments. The Sear function allows you to sear your food at even higher temperatures for a short amount of time.
3. What is Triple Combo Cooking Power?
The NuWave Elite features advanced Triple Combo Cooking Power, which utilizes three powerful cooking methods simultaneously.
• Conduction is the heat that is applied directly to the food.
• Convection is circulated hot air, produced by our quiet motor and a specially designed fan. This allows the heat to distribute evenly for faster cooking and even browning.
• Infrared is simply a form of gentle, invisible, radiant heat. It penetrates the inside of foods while also cooking from the outside, leaving dishes moist and full of flavor yet browned to perfection. NuWave's specially patented heating rods enhance the NuWave Oven's unique infrared capabilities. The concept is similar to the warmth of the sun's rays felt on your skin. As a matter of fact, about 80% of the sun's rays consist of infrared waves. The same principle applies to our NuWave Oven, only on a smaller scale. Restaurants have been using this technology for years to keep foods warm.
4. What is the difference between an Infrared Oven and a Halogen Oven?
NuWave, LLC, the manufacturer of the NuWave Oven, has been producing countertop infrared ovens since 1997. In fact, we are the manufacturer of the original infrared cooking system. However, there are many companies out there who imitate our product. Although the ovens may appear similar, there are very important features and differences of which we would like you to be aware:

*All assertions have been independently tested and verified.

• Only the NuWave Oven line features the patented locking mechanism, which securely holds the dome and the power head in place when the oven gets hot, preventing them from separating and releasing steam that can cause burns. This is a very important safety feature ONLY available to NuWave customers.
• NuWave Elite uses a long lasting 1500-watt sheath heater which can last up to 30 years and is similar in durability to most conventional ovens. The NuWave Elite does not use halogen bulbs as a heat source because halogen uses only 1200 watts and is proven to generate smoke when grease splatters during the cooking process. A halogen bulb also requires regular replacement, which drives extra maintenance costs.
• Most halogen ovens use a glass dome and a glass base tray which is very dangerous because glass gets very hot during cooking. The NuWave Elite uses a high-quality plastic dome which is substantially lighter and remains much cooler than a glass dome. Glass domes and bottom trays can become very hot and heavy, and if they are dropped the glass may break and cause injury. In comparison, our plastic domes have been selected for their high durability.
• Halogen ovens can only cook in 1-hour increments, while the NuWave Elite is designed to cook up to 24 hours when set to low temperatures, and up to 2 hours when set to the maximum temperature.
• Halogen ovens cook food unevenly, especially when the glass dome is not washed properly, because it will not be able to reflect and uniformly transfer the halogen heat to the food. This causes dishes to remain raw on the top while burned on the bottom.
• The NuWave Elite utilizes Triple Combo Cooking Power to help cook your food evenly and achieve maximum flavor.
• The NuWave Oven weighs only 10 pounds, while halogen ovens can weigh over 20 pounds. Because our oven is lightweight, durable and easily transportable, you can take it anywhere you go: neighborhood parties, picnics, boats and even on RVs.
5. How is infrared a benefit to cooking?
Infrared energy is comprised of those frequencies that exist just below the red end of the visible spectrum, and for cooking properties they have a very unique benefit. When they strike organic molecules (such as any type of food), they cause the molecules to vibrate, thereby creating heat. About 80% of the sun's rays consist of these infrared rays. The same principle applies to the NuWave Elite, only on a smaller scale. Restaurants have been using this heat for years to keep foods warm.
Although almost any type of electromagnetic energy can generate heat, for the purpose of cooking, infrared energy is the perfect choice.
6. Where do I find the model number and serial number on my Elite?
The model number and serial number are located on the back of the power head. The serial number will start with a letter followed by a sequence of numbers.
7. How easy is the NuWave Elite to clean?
Cleanup is a breeze! All NuWave Oven parts easily separate and, with the exception of the power head, are dishwasher-safe.
8. I live in a warm climate. Will the NuWave Elite heat my kitchen?
The NuWave Elite does not heat the air surrounding the appliance, so your kitchen stays cool. The Oven is perfect for use in confined quarters, during summers and in hot weather regions. Since the NuWave Elite uses as little as 15% of the energy of most conventional ovens, it saves you time and energy, while having no effect on the temperature of the kitchen.
9. How much time and energy can be saved by using the NuWave Elite?
The NuWave Elite utilizes 1500 watts of power, 120 volts and 12.5 amps, much lower when compared to most conventional ovens' 3400-watt usage. With the NuWave Elite, no preheating or defrosting is required, so it uses as little as 15% of the energy consumed by standard gas or electric ovens, and cooks most foods up to 70% faster.
10. How long has the Elite been on the market?
Although the NuWave Elite is our latest NuWave Oven model, NuWave, LLC, the makers of the NuWave Oven, has been manufacturing countertop infrared ovens since 1997. We are the producers of the original Infrared Cooking System.
11. How is the NuWave Elite shipped?
The NuWave Elite ships via UPS, FedEx or USPS. The oven and included bonuses, inside protective packaging, weigh up to 16 pounds.
12. Can I use parts from another NuWave Oven with my NuWave Elite? Can I use NuWave Elite parts with my other NuWave Oven?
NuWave Oven parts are not interchangeable. Parts designed for the NuWave Elite must only be used with the NuWave Elite. Parts designed for other NuWave Ovens must never be used with the NuWave Elite.
13. What types of pans can safely be used in the NuWave Elite?
Any cooking utensils or pans that can be used in a conventional oven can also be used in the NuWave Elite. If it’s small enough to fit comfortably inside the NuWave Elite and is safe for use in a conventional oven, it should be safe for the NuWave Elite.
14. What size turkey can I cook in the NuWave Elite?
The NuWave Elite can cook up to a 10-pound turkey. If you add the available Extender Rings, you can increase the NuWave Elite’s capacity to fit up to a 30-pound turkey.
• Cook up to a 16-pound turkey with the 3-inch Extender Ring
• Cook up to a 24-pound turkey with the 5-inch Extender Ring
• Cook up to a 30-pound turkey with the 3-inch and 5-inch Extender Rings together
15. How do I sear foods in the NuWave Elite?
For perfect searing to lock in foods’ natural juices, this function allows you to treat the outside of meats, poultry and seafood quickly. The feature heats dishes at high temperatures for 3-5 minutes at the touch of a button.
16. What does Start Time and End Time mean?
Cook the perfect meal – even while you’re away from home! Once you set the clock in your NuWave Elite, you can program your meal to start cooking exactly when you want, or finish cooking exactly when you want. You can postpone your programmed recipe for up to 24 hours.
17. How does the Warm feature work?
The perfect button for parties and family gatherings, this function allows you to keep foods warm until you are ready to serve.
18. When would I use the Stage feature?
This function is used to program the NuWave Elite to cook at more than 1 consecutive setting of time and temperature, up to a maximum of 10 programmable stages. For example, you can program the Oven to cook at 420º F for 6 minutes, then automatically reduce the heat to 350ºF for 20 minutes. The NuWave Elite does all the work for you!
19. What does the Program button do?
Once you have perfected your favorite dish, save a continually used Program sequence for future use and easily recall for later use. The NuWave Elite allows users to store up to 99 saved programs, plus an additional 20 dehydrating programs using the Dehydrate button. Please refer to the product manual for more detailed information.
20. How do I dehydrate foods?
With the NuWave Elite, you can now make perfectly dehydrated fruits, nuts, vegetables and jerkys while preserving healthy enzymes and nutrients in your foods. The dehydrating feature allows you to remove moisture from foods at temperatures ranging between 100 and 200º F, adjustable in 1° increments. When you purchase the optional Dehydrator Kit and attach it to the unit, the safety features of the Elite automatically switch to the "dehydrate" setting.
21. The NuWave Elite manual states that my oven can broil, bake, roast, barbecue, grill, dehydrate, steam and air-fry. How do you perform these multi-functions? Is there a special button?
Your NuWave Elite can do all the above and much more. There are automatic program settings for dehydrating, reheating and warming foods, and here are some additional guidelines for use:
• To steam: cover foods after sprinkling with a slight amount of water and your desired seasonings.
• To air-fry: coat foods with wet mix and roll in cornflakes or bread crumbs. For additional browning, rub in olive oil or spray with cooking spray. Leftover fried foods will come out of your NuWave Elite crispier than the first time.
• To broil: place foods closer to heating element.
• To roast: place foods further from heating element, and lower the cooking temperature.
• For sous-vide cooking, place foods in air-tight cooking bags. Situate on the 1-inch rack and cook according to recommended time and temperature.
22. How do I remove frozen turkey giblets and what if I want to stuff the bird?
• To remove the giblets from a frozen turkey, start cooking the bird breast side down for the first half of the cooking process. When you flip the turkey breast side up, the insides should be thawed enough to remove the giblets.
• If your turkey is stuffed, add 3-4 minutes per pound to your cooking time. If you decide to use precooked stuffing, fill your turkey and continue cooking for the final 30 minutes.
• For easier holiday meal cleanup, use the NuWave Elite base tray as a serving vessel so your dish can go directly from Oven to table!
23. How do you season frozen food?
There are a couple of methods for seasoning frozen food: If you are using a dry seasoning, sprinkle a little water over the meat so the seasoning will "stick.” If it is a sauce, spread it over meat and add an additional amount when you flip the food. Pre-marinate or sprinkle seasonings on fresh food, then store it in the freezer until ready to cook.
24. Do I need to flip foods during the cooking process?
We recommend that you rotate most foods halfway through the cooking process. Since the heating element is located at the top of the NuWave Elite, the conduction method of cooking may not be able to reach the underside of foods, thus the recommendation to flip.
25. Is the NuWave Elite big enough for me to cook multiple foods at the same time?
The NuWave Elite's Triple Combo Cooking technology allows multiple dishes to cook at the same time. For example, normally it takes about 50 minutes to cook one frozen Cornish hen. That timing estimate remains the same even if you cook four at once.
26. How well does the NuWave Elite cook vegetables and other vegetarian dishes?
Making vegetables in the Elite is terrific because its Triple Combo Cooking technology helps retain nutrients that are otherwise lost through other cooking methods. Minimal water use and shorter cooking times contribute to the oven’s effectiveness.
• Place vegetables directly on the 3-inch rack when roasting.
• For steaming, loosely wrap vegetables in foil, adding a sprinkle of water to circulate steam.
• To prepare steamed vegetables with a roasted flavor, remove aluminum foil for the last two minutes of cooking time.
From artichokes to zucchini, the possibilities of cooking vegetarian dishes are endless.
• Asparagus brushed with olive oil turns out perfectly in less than 8 minutes.
• For baked or sweet potatoes, wash potatoes thoroughly, then place on either rack and cook according to cooking guide, or until a fork is easily inserted.
• You do not need to use oil when making vegetables. Simply brush them or shake in a plastic bag with Italian dressing to infuse with additional flavor. Place aluminum foil on top of vegetables if they begin to brown too quickly.
27. What do the recipes and charts mean when they refer to 1-inch or 3-inch racks?
The included cooking rack can be reversed for use at heights of either 1 inch or 3 inches.
• The 3-inch rack accommodates smaller foods such as chicken breasts.
• The 1-inch rack accommodates larger foods such as a 10-pound turkey.
28. Do the tastes and smells of different foods mix when cooked in the NuWave Elite at the same time?
Even when you are cooking different foods at the same time, such as fish and vegetables, the smells and tastes do not mingle. The NuWave Elite is self-contained, so most of the smells, and any smoke that may be created, stay within the dome.
29. Can I use this product if I have a pacemaker or use oxygen?
Customers requiring oxygen tanks should not operate the Elite while oxygen is being administered. Those with pacemakers may cook with the Elite, however it is always best to consult your doctor before using any electrical appliance.
30. Does the NuWave Elite create smoke?
Because the NuWave Elite cooks foods quickly using less heat, it produces little to no smoke. Moreover, whatever smoke does generate is confined to the oven.
With normal household usage, no ventilation is needed.